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 "...Siamo coloro che hanno creato la vita sulla terra" "ci avete preso per dei" "vi riveliamo ora il segreto all'origine delle pił grandi religioni" "e come realizzare il vostro potenziale per raggiungere la pace globale" - Yahweh : Esercita il diritto di scegliere liberamente la tua religione. Stop child abuse by catholic priests: child abuse by sexually starved priests is rampant in the catholic church and yet covered up and ignored by the authorities. Impartial dating system: most people in the world are not Christian, but be they Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Raelian or Atheist, they have to accept the domination of the christian dating system that today is the year 2002. It is time to have an impartial date based on a event which is important to every human, such as the founding of the UN or the bombing of Hiroshima so as never to forget.