Yes to atheism

He believed in the Infinite nature of the Universe (not just that God is in all, but that ALL is in ALL) and claimed that life existed on other planets!


In the words of historian, John Kessler, "He was a sensitive, imaginative poet, fired with the enthusiasm of a larger vision of a larger universe ... and he fell into the error of heretical belief. For this poet's vision he was kept in a dark dungeon for eight years and then taken out to a blazing market place and roasted to death by fire." Is Giordano Bruno still a problem for many today? Julia Jones wrote: "How would Bruno, who denounced virginity, chastity and the Church's attitude towards abstinence as life-denying, react to Clinton's indiscretions; what would he say to Jerry Falwell and the religious right? How would Bruno, who claimed there was life on the invisible worlds throughout an infinite universe, react to SETI and the current belief in UFO's? How would Bruno, who condemned Columbus and the explorers for "disturbing the spirits of native peoples" react to colonial wars, to Vietnam, and Iraq? What would Bruno, who spoke out against the popular view of women as passive and base, have to say about a woman's right to abortion and the use of contraception? How would he react to the violence of our Columbines? What would he say? How much would he have to say about nuclear weapons!"

Find out who the Bruno of today is:


February 17, 2004 is the 404th anniversary of one of the most infamous intellectual and spiritual crimes of all time: the public burning at the stake, in Rome, of the great radical thinker and theologian Giordano Bruno. Atheist, infidel and heretic Giordano Bruno was executed under orders from Pope Clement VIII. Bruno had repeatedly refused to repent for his heretical questioning of Church doctrine that the Earth is the center of the universe, and even for his questioning of the very existence of God. His claims of an infinite universe with inhabited planets were revolutionary and considered a real threat to the Church doctrine.


Commemoration of the deth of Giordano Bruno, burned alive by the Roman Catholic Church for his philosophical position on the plurality of the inhabited worlds and the infinite dimension of the universe. (17 th February 1600)